Room 7 – 5th Class

The Children of 5th class went to huge effort to dress up for Halloween. They take great enjoyment from this each year. Each class in the school gets to parade their outfits for the day before the other children in the school, on the stage in the Halla. Great fun!

The children in 5th class did a lot of fantastic Halloween themed art recently. Here is a just a small sample of some of the fantastic work that the children of room 7 created and brought home for Halloween 2019.

The children of 5th class love the iPad time they get each week. We have been learning and working in pairs in a fun way, to discover and uncover just some of the information that is out there for us. In recent weeks we explored topics such as the capital cities of Europe. We studied and wrote up pieces on solar eclipses. And most recently we have been looking up Christmas traditions of other countries.

Recently, we were lucky enough to be visited by a group of five volunteers from N.E.T. Ministries Ireland. These people are passionate about their faith and visit schools and parishes all over Ireland. They encourage young people to simply embrace the Church and their faith. They do this in a fun way, mainly involving games and group work. The children really enjoyed their visit and look forward to seeing them again when they come back over the coming months.